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Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, usually shortened to Porsche AG (German pronunciation: [ˈpɔɐ̯ʃə] (listen); see below), is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. The headquarters of Porsche AG is in Stuttgart, and the company is owned by Volkswagen AG, a controlling stake of which is owned by Porsche Automobil Holding SE. Porsche's current lineup


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"the management needs an overhaul. they play favorites, take things too personal, and have power trips."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Management in PFS where most entry level people are sent is an absolute joke because Porsche also sends managers there to fail or to die. The entire company is growing and progressing while that department is dwindling, and they seriously couldn't figure out why? When you're an employee there these same managers will promise you the world, but then pull the rug out from under you when you least expect it. Seriously, this place is the ugly face of corporate America people talk about."

Current Employee - Service Technician says

"No a/c shop. It's hotter inside than outside on a hot day. Be prepared to sweat like a dog"

Former Employee - Parts Advisor says

"Too much gossiping from employees about who's done this and hasn't done that inside and outside of business."

Former Employee - Sales Consultant says

"misuse of customer money, late deliveries"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-lack of management -lack of development -lack of vision -lack of employee retention programs"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Stressful environment, quota Customers needs and expectations unrealistic Loooing hours, generally 8:30-8:00pm with a day in the week off. You will be shunned if you actually take your day off. Very competitive coworkers"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-I can't speak to the new CEO, but as a place to work, PCNA went dramatically downhill under the last CEO. I worked there for a lot of years, and I used to love working there. The last CEO was a great visionary, but a terrible leader. Unfortunately, there are very few people in Senior Management who are good leaders. -Poor work performers are not dealt with, so high performers end up bearing a disproportionate burden. -In addition, it's very difficult to get promoted if you're not German, especially into senior management. If a German wants a job and they are qualified, they get the job, even if there is a better qualified American. -The two above points lead to an environment where a lot of good talent leaves, and unproductive folks stay. -As a company, PCNA is awful at project management. This applies to all departments, with the exception of the events folks. -The work environment is terrible. It's a wide open environment, and despite being a brand new building, there aren't enough meeting rooms. Private conversations are nearly impossible to have, and distractions are plentiful. Focusing on something for any length of time is nearly impossible in this environment. I'd estimate I lost 5+ hours per week in productivity when we moved from the old office to the new office. Which meant I worked more nights to keep up. -Accounting/Finance department has a chronic turnover problem, for good reason. CFO is a sharp guy, but a terrible manager. Not a people person at all. -Management spins the turnover in the past year as due to the bad commute. For most of the folks I've talked to who left, commute was not the main reason. But the commute does eliminate a lot of potential new hires, making it more difficult than it should be to bring in new talent. -Porsche AG (German HQ) has slowly been taking more and more control over the years. PCNA used to have a lot of autonomy, and operated like a small company with the financial backing of a big company. Now, it's a typical big corporate environment. The company is not nearly as nimble as it once was, and issues are MUCH slower to get resolved (and more frequent since PAG is running things). -Sr Management is completely disassociated from employees."

Former Employee - Porsche Service Technician (Dealership) says

"Hard to advance in your career with Porsche, mostly warranty jobs, lowest labor times I have experienced, 110+ degree shop in the summer, no Christmas bonus, super stressful environment due to flat rate pay and quality demand, no benefits offered, very high employee turnover, lack of vehicle information (very few TSBs offered, vehicle specifications are very hard to find/buried), poor training offered (mostly on the job)."

Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management, sexist environment, lazy service advisors who complain about everyone and everything, speak badly about customers and do not know what teamwork is."

Help Desk Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company is truly who you know. Its based all around politics and the culture there is not good. I seen first hand how management would throw someone right under the bus."

Lagerist (Former Employee) says

"Unfassbar ! aber wahr das Unternehmen ist Klasse aber die Verantwortlichen sind befangen und unqualifiziert vorallem die dreckigen und korrupten Personaler die nur bekannten den Zugang zum Arbeitswelt von Porsche gewähren wie Aller Großen Unternehmen Deutschland. Über Zeit oder besser gesagt Zwangsarbeit bist du heiss begehrt aber als Mensch mit würde in eine unbefristete Arbeitsverhältnis nein. willkommen in : '' Arbeit macht frei '' neu umbenannt.coole AutosRassismus und Diskriminierung was das Zeug hält!"

Workshop Driver (Former Employee) says

"Conservative environment. Victimisation of some staff with seemingly no management intervention. Ample over time and never got paid for it. Stay away.Long hours"

Local Information Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"Old management ideas and ways. No room for growth. The company is very traditional and will be a long time to realize they need to significantly change the work culture. Need more diversity and inclusion."

Service Manager (Former Employee) says

"typical daily work fun to be around nice people that to be with senceer people to finish a proper work . but unfortunately work environment was not good experience in order to finish jobs wright."

Responsible senior manager (Current Employee) says

"Altertümlicher AG, der keine Antwort auf die Transformation der Industrie hat, zumindest was die Mitarbeiter anbetrifft. Viel Hierarchie, viel Machterhalt und eher Wirtschaften für die eigenen Ziele. Nichts für Millenials!"

Einkäufer (Former Employee) says

"Sehr konservativ, wenig modern. Porsche ist mit dem Wachstum der Organisation nicht mitgekommen."

Customer Experience Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unless you like being over worked, under paid, and stressed out from non stop calls. There is absolutely no work life management. And management definitely show favoritism."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You go into this job thinking great things simply because it’s Porsche. That could be true; though my experience working in customer service for this company has been a lot less than desiring unfortunately. There is little to no opportunities for advancement within this department, and when there is, contractors whom have busted their butts for over a year can be easily overlooked in favor a brand new employee just because. The contracting agency itself does offer real benefits, however the pay is very good so employees are tempted to stay. The customer service department has a pretty high turn over rate and is an exhausting job for several reasons that all boil down to management, being extremely understaffed and just the overall low morale of the customer service department.Pay very well, contractors get sick time and PTOManagement should be changed, Very understaffed, Low employee morale"

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"If you don't love the brand, it can be difficult to stay motivated. The employee leasing program is good, and there are other perks, but the executive team can be tough.Experience Center, Employee Car Lease ProgramTough attitudes and long hours"

Asst. ales Administration & Logistics Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"I have got more practice on Microsoft Excel Learned about management skills A typical day of mine in Porsche yet is when i was dealing in logistics for the very first time in life Hardest Part of the job is that some time i have to do multiple things alone which makes me feel tired sometime Enjoyable part of the job is Porsche Cars."

Logistikmitarbeiter (Former Employee) says

"Vertrag gibt es nur wenn einen der Meister gut gesonnen ist."

ASESOR DE SERVICIO (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo como tal es muy pesado, terminas haciendo lo que hace un gerente y te pagan como asesor"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"Worked as a full-time intern and the pay and benefits were great but it is tough to transition into a full-time position. It is dependent on timing. Also the company seems to keep departments one man short which lead to plenty of overtime.401k, BenefitsConstantly Short Handed"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"My experience working with Porsche Cars North America was a negative one. The vehicles are an amazing machine, the salary and benefits are great, and most of the people are great as well. As for management, I would say RUN! They do not treat their employees well, are closed from new ideas that are not their own and budgets are quite strict. If you are looking for a new career, I'd say look somewhere else.Great benefits and get togethers in the officeAwful management"

Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik (Former Employee) says

"Scheint nach außen besser als intern alles läuft, von Kollegen die einen hinten rum fi.... über die Abteilungsleiter die die befristeten ausnutzen und Qualitätsmängel in etlichen Bereichen Das einzige ist das Geld....GeldMan wird nie glücklich wenn man mehr will als nur ein Knopf drücken"

Customer Service Tier 1 (Former Employee) says

"Company has a great vision for customer service but implementing that vision is not clear. Treating all customers like rich babies just putting out little fires where needed or not. throwing money at customers to make them go away instead of fixing the problems"

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"A day at work was fast paced and steady, I learned how to be a true logistician. Management was cool although some could have been a lot more balanced in the way they handle employees. I worked with a great group of people. The hardest part of my job was working containers in the winter and the most enjoyable times were all the days I completed.the bonuses were great and 100% medical.some of the leadership was not fair or consistient."

Kfz-Mechatroniker (Current Employee) says

"Die Arbeit ist im allgemeinen stark geprägt von Monotonie, die work-life Balance ist wenig zufriedenstellend durch stetig wechselndes Schichtsystem mit teilweise unzumutbaren arbeitszeiten bleiben Freizeit und vorallem Familie oft auf der Strecke. Die sehr gute Vergütung inkl. Aller zusätzlichen Leistungen und Prämien stellen oft den einzigen Anreiz dar."


"We do NOT recommend Porsche. Bought a new vehicle and the car has had nothing but problems. The dealership's service department is incompetent. But Porsche North America doesn't stand behind their vehicles and they have no control over their dealerships. Worst mistake we ever made was to buy a Porsche."

Benyamin says

"I have leased 2018 Porsche cayenne, and since then I'm so frustrated from the Porsche customer-service level and attitude. I'm 63 years old and has drive Mercedes, BMW, Audi ... and based on my experience Porsche is the WORST customer-service ever, customer doesn't have the best service and good feeling as expected from luxury car. I made my own decision that this Porsche defiantly will be my LAST PORSCHE ever."

A. Korotkov says

"I have received a recall letter in December 2019, that Porsche has found a fault in brakes and they were happy to fix it for free. I have given them my car, they back it next day. In January 2020 my car started behave strange. First its battery has gone and I changed it. In April ABS pump has gone. I have given my car this time in local garage as do not trust to official Porsche service any more and guys in the garage said that steering rack is bended ( ???) and must be changed too. I drive very carefully, no accidents happened ( God bless), how the steering rack could be bended ?? I contacted West Porsche in January 2020 after the battery problem , they just said sorry, but the man who dealt with your car off holiday and they have never back to me. In the local garage I also been told , that time to time workers from official companies like Porsche, Mercedes , BMW and others Car companies, bring them original parts to sell with 30-40% discount. So they steal the original parts and put instead Chinese fakes. It seems that Porsche garage just made something with my car electronics to make me be back and spend money for repairing. I would never thought that so respective company like Porsche could do this. Shame!"

Martin Copeland says

"Had a small accident in my 992. Body shop was excellent and repaired the car cosmetically within a few weeks. The airbags deployed and the dash panel to replace was on a 4 month back order. I wouldn’t have thought this is an unusual item in a accident to replace as airbags must go off in the first instance. Porsche GB customer services are sympathetic but can’t do anything so in effect pointless. Moral of the story. Don’t crash the car, however over 4 months to fully repair your car after a minor accident and involving common parts is unacceptable. As with most manufacturers, it’s all about selling cars."

David Bani says

"Awful, Awful, Awful, I wrote to people who are looking after Porsche Matthias Murkisch and Marcus Eckermann and none of them were interested to talk to me as their customer and passed me back to customer services and customer services passed me to showroom. Please see below my experience with them Dear Mr Mueller, I am one of your Porsche Customer in UK, I would like to share a story with you as I think this is important to Porsche reputation. My wife and I were living in Hamburg, Germany because of my job, I had a pleasure to meet some of your employees due to the nature of business I was working at(Sport) They were such a big influence on me that as soon as we moved back to UK I decided to buy a Porsche in 2016 from Porsche showroom in Hatfield. From the beginning due to the fact that my daughter is suffering from Blood disorder I asked them to ensure 110 point checks has been carried out as I can not afford to allow the car let my family and I down due to the nature of her illness and if she fell ill, we would face with big problem. Hatfield showroom assured me that the car has been checked and has no issue. On the night of picking up the car I found a Chip on front screen which sales agent kindly assured me that they are happy to change the screen. Not even later than 48hours during Christmas time I realised rear heaters are not working, bluetooth not functioning/ constantly calls were failed, Satellite navigation wouldn’t function to 100% and tyres were making awful noise. I asked Porsche for help, for 11 months almost every week I visited the workshop as they were saying there is nothing wrong, I sent them photos, videos and some of staff even were agreeing that the car has fundamental issues up to the point that car engine light came up indicating there is an issue with the car engine. my wife and I were expecting second child, once again after few weeks being in curtesy car they told me to come and pick up the car and if this time something goes wrong they would refund my money and allowing me to choose another car. On the day that my son was born , hospital released my wife and our baby, once again car engine light came up with warning , I called the Porsche immediately to ask for help which they did nothing and I had to travel 20miles with my new born baby and wife hoping that the car doesn’t stop middle of motorway. Finally after a month battle with the Sales Manager, I managed to reach the agreement with them to take the car back and help me to find a new car. At the end of November 2017 beginning of December they gave me a choice of only 2 car which I chosen one of them, please be aware up to this point despite the fact that I requested many times to either speak to showroom principle or Managing Director, no one made this happen until I refused to speak to sales agent or sales manager. I must say UK Porsche customer service were involved and up to certain point they were helpful. I was really scared as I had really bad experience, on the day that I went to pick the car up, I found below: 1. Big scratches all around the car, clearly the car had an accident and they did not even attempt to repair it 2. More than 5 chips on front screen 3. Spare tyre in the car was missing Once again I had to ask them to look at above issues to be rectified After almost 2 months I received the car registration document from DVLA, and I realised the plate number on the car is different to what is in document. This made me really worried and I had to write to DVLA but they responded that such car does not exist in our database and you need to ask Porsche to provide you with proof of purchase, I immediately contacted the centre manager to ask for advise and he came back to me by saying, “I am sorry, we install a wrong plate number on your car, at least if you had a speeding ticket then you don’t need to pay as plate number was wrong” I was really angry with his gesture, I was absolutely shocked that principle of Porsche showroom allow a car goes out of his showroom with wrong number plate, lack of attention to details and putting my family and I in risk by installing wrong plate number on the car. This is a serious offence in UK and in case of accident my insurance would not accept my claim and more importantly they wouldn’t be able to identify us in case of injury as there were no link between car and our address. Now almost 3-4 months passed I called several time and sent several email to centre manger stating below issues: 1. Stop/ Start not functioning accordingly 2. Car ignition has an issue, starting the car has delays 3. At the point of pick up, I mention there are stone chips in front screen and now one of them cracked(Mark Goody replied prior to examining the crack,” this must be new one contact your insurance”) 4. Tyres are making squeaky noise, once again centre manager responded ” Car must be dropped in” To be honest and frank with you Mr Mueller although I am a big fan of Porsche the same time I am disappointed by the level of service, attention to detail and care. I am really sorry for lengthily e-mail however I thought you should be aware of my case and maybe you could support Porsche UK customer. As a loyal and paying customer I am interested to hear your point of view on above case."

Anthony Drew Virella says

"Porsche is getting unreliable fast. The Porsche Panamera looks so unreliable for a premium luxury car when we owned it. The Porsche Taycan we have has unreliable bluetooth pairing. The 911 looks like an unreliable convertible with not a lot of leg room. We have had no problems with Dad's 918 Spyder, which is stored in the garage of our mansion. You have to buy a premium hypercar just to get reliability on a new Porsche. This is a real review."

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